Hueplus CORDZERO-5500 Review

The HuePlus CordZero 5000 attempts to make a shiatsu massage accessible for anyone at any time. Its lightweight, low-profile design means that it can fit around your neck to give your neck, back, and shoulders a deep-tissue massage that could rival a professional masseuse.

It achieves this effect with the aid of eight strategically positioned pressure nodes in the unit. Each node rotates and presses into the skim, stimulating those hard-to-reach muscles. The HuePlus works quite well for what it promises because it has some features that make it user-friendly and comfortable.

Features and Benefits

Let’s first take a look at the positives, and why the Hueplus massager might be worth a purchase.

Cordless Power

The CordZero model focuses on your comfort by incorporating a  battery into the design. You aren’t restricted to a single location, and you don’t always have to deal with a cumbersome cord; instead, give it a charge and spend six leisurely hours away.

At optimal levels and use, the battery can last for six hours. This figure will be slightly less in cold conditions or with high-performance use. You can, of course, charge the battery in your car or with an AC outlet, but you are by no means restricted to staying near those outlets.

There is no real difference between running the massager off its battery and running it from another power source, which is a relief; a battery-powered massager should deliver the same experience as a plugged-in one.

Pressure Nodes

The HuePlus CordZero 5000 employs eight pressure nodes inside the massager. These nodes are connected to a motor that causes them to press into the back and rotate at the same time. This action is intended to simulate the effect of fingers probing the muscles for a deep tissue massage. It seems to have the proper effect from our experience.

The unit works best when used on the neck and shoulders, but it can be raised or lowered to address the muscles of the lower back. By using the controls on the top left section, you can control the speed, direction, and frequency of rotation and movement. This lets you customize your massage to the way you want it.

Simple to Use

The HuePlus CordZero 5000 is simple to use. It only has three functions you need to worry about: the power switch, the heat switch, and the rotation switch. All three of these buttons are easily accessible on the front panel of the unit.

To use the HuePlus, slip it around your neck, press the power button, and hold on to the straps. By adjusting how hard you pull, you can customize the intensity of the massage. Unlike many other models, this one doesn’t allow you to control the speed directly. You can, however, control the direction in which the pressure balls rotate.

Built-in Heating Unit

Heat is a proven benefit to muscle relaxation. First, heat expands muscle tissue, causing it to not stretch as tightly. Second, heat expands blood vessels so that oxygen-rich blood can flow more freely through sore or damaged muscle and promote faster healing.

The CordZero model has a mild heating element that can be activated independently of the massage mechanism. It doesn’t get that hot, but just hot enough to affect your muscles. The heater functions for a maximum of 15 minutes; a safety precaution that prevents you from getting second-degree burns on your skin.

Ergonomic Construction

Although the HuePlus 5000 looks awkward and almost like a plastic life preserver, it is surprisingly comfortable. It has leather material for the outer part, with comfortable mesh cloth at the interior where your neck makes contact. It is sized to fit perfectly around the neck. You can fit your arms through the straps, which themselves are adjustable. Make sure you size the straps before you use this product, so it doesn’t slip or get too tight around your wrists.

The HuePlus CordZero is meant mainly for the shoulders, but you can just as easily fit, for example, the sole of your foot onto the massage balls to get a soothing experience after a hard day of standing or walking. You could also raise the straps and drop it to your lower back to fight back pain.

Lack of Noise

The massager isn’t that powerful, but it doesn’t need to be. It is also quiet; you can place the product around your neck, and even with it working it’s hard to hear. This means you can have a conversation without having to shout over your massager.

What’s Unique

This is perhaps the only massager we’ve found that can operate purely on battery power. Almost all the other ones need to have external power. While this may not seem like an advantage, mobility is an excellent virtue. If you want to lie down in bed away from an outlet, nothing’s stopping you. If you want to get a massage while driving to work and your phone charger occupies the slot, go for it.

Aside from that, the HuePlus offers a different kind of control over your massage experience. Rather than adjustable speed as many other models have, with this product you directly control the direction of rotation. It’s simple, effective, and reliable.

Potential Drawbacks

We would like it if the ability to control the speed of the massage was included. The direction of rotation is good, but sometimes you might want a more intense massage than others and not want to have to pull the pillow against your neck. Another problem we have is that it’s hard sometimes to tell whether the heat is even working. It isn’t a powerful heating unit, but at times it can be hard to even feel anything.

The other potential problem is that it can be difficult to use this massager on other areas. Even though it’s technically possible, the surface area is meant for larger muscle groups. You may want to supplement this product with a smaller heating pad or massage pad. Aside from those issues, this product meets its goals admirably.


This massager, while indeed functional, has a few things that we’d prefer to see to make it a great one. We at RLAP like that you can take it practically anywhere, and we like the simplicity of its use. The problem is that it isn’t as powerful as some other products on the market. It would also be better if we could directly control the intensity of the massage. Overall, this is a worthwhile massager that you can be sure will last for a long time.

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