Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

When it comes to cordless neck and back massagers, the Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager delivers targeted massage and heat right where your muscles need it.

Features & Benefits

In contrast with wand-type neck and back massagers, Brookstone’s Cordless Shiatsu massager can massage all areas of your back and neck and go anywhere that you do. Here’s more on the features and benefits.

Soothing Heat

Studies show that applying heat to sore muscles can help reduce pain and get your body ready for the next challenge. For that reason, the heat function on the Brookstone massager offers both soothing and restorative benefits.

Temperature control is especially helpful for relieving pain in sensitive areas of your neck and back. You can turn off the heat for overly sensitive regions or depending on your level of personal comfort. You can also choose heat on its own, making the massager a heat wrap that’s easier to manage than elastic or Velcro fit sleeves.

Customizable Massage

With both auto-reversing and single direction massage modes, you choose the setting that suits your preferences. Three intensity settings also allow for personal comfort, giving you the ability to tone down the massage for sensitive neck areas or especially sore muscle groups.

A lower massage setting may also prove beneficial for users with past injuries who still benefit from gentle massage. At the same time, people who benefit from therapeutic massage can see similar results without booking professional appointments.

The customization of each massage and the ability to combine functions means you may not need to visit your favorite masseuse quite as often, if at all. However, you’re still receiving the benefits of massage such as improving stress levels, reducing headaches, and relieving muscle strain.

Dual Functionality

The key components of Shiatsu massage are circular-motion and deep kneading action, both of which you can achieve without a professional massage. You can also add heat and vibration to the Shiatsu massage cycle.

While some massagers only offer the option of vibrating massage or kneading massage, the Brookstone massager provides both concurrently. A vibrating and kneading massage means your muscles receive deeper stimulation. The result is increased blood flow to the affected areas, which can help aid in muscle recovery.

Reach Ability

Other wand-type massagers require you to reach over your shoulder and contort your body just to reach problem areas. But the over-the-shoulder design of Brookstone’s cordless massager makes it easy to apply and adjust the device.

If you are accustomed to asking your partner or other loved one to give you a massage after a day of work or post-injury, you won’t need to anymore with this self-powered massager. While wand massagers often need extra hands for a massage that’s deep enough to give muscles any relief, wrap massagers such as Brookstone’s do the work for you.

Adjustments come in the form of pulling on either handle, moving the massager up and down or side to side, or by leaning into the massaging roller balls. Using these minor adjustments, you can reach any area of your back or neck for instant relief from tension.

Extreme Portability

Because this massager is cordless, it offers portability that is unmatched. But along with the portability comes the convenience of a rechargeable battery that does not require replacement. This is a helpful feature because changing batteries is no fun.

With the cordless massager, you can either charge the battery and take it on the go with you or plug the unit into a wall outlet for consistent power.

What’s Unique to the Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Massager

Before there were power massagers, we had to rely on manual massage from a professional or a well-meaning loved one. But thanks to massage tools like this cordless massager, we’re now in charge of our own muscle relief and rejuvenation. Here’s what’s unique about this Shiatsu massager.


Because the Brookstone cordless massager wraps around your neck and shoulders, there are infinite ways to use it. You can target specific muscle groups or areas in your neck, back, shoulders, and more. By moving the massager across your back, you’re repositioning the roller balls and delivering targeted massage to those areas.

Even if you’re struggling with an injury and need a massage for rehabilitation, the handles on this massager let you adjust to where you feel comfortable. You can also use the heat function for therapeutic purposes without the massage functions, meaning you can reap the benefits of heat therapy without firing up another device or seeking heat creams or other means of relieving pain and soreness.

Resistance Capacity

Think about other types of massagers and how much control you have over the resistance as they massage. For chair massagers or mats, your body weight dictates how thorough the massaging capabilities can be. But with this cordless massager, you’re in control of the resistance.

If you prefer a lighter massage, you can drape the cordless massager over your shoulders. For targeting problem areas like knots and stress points in your muscles, you can pull on the handles to create more pressure in the massager area.

Applying more force to the massager helps it reach deeper stress points and release tension in muscles, something that’s not always possible with handheld wand massagers or seat cushion models.

Size Range

Though it’s a one-size device, Brookstone’s portable massager can accommodate a range of body types and sizes. In fact, the whole family can use it with ease, barring any preexisting conditions. There are no adjustments to make each time you trade off with your partner or the kids, either, since the handles allow you to customize the experience.

Not worrying about buckles, straps, or tape means it’s easy to slip the massager over your shoulders and start enjoying immediately. In contrast, a heat or compression wrap that aims to relieve muscle soreness and pain usually requires multiple adjustments and must be fitted to each user.

Your cordless massager, however, can apply heat or massage therapy without minute adjustments for comfort and fit.

Potential Drawbacks

Although it packs plenty of stress- and pain-relieving massage features, the Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Massager is not for everyone. Here are the potential drawbacks we’ve discovered that can help you determine whether this is the right tool for you.

Battery Life

Although the Brookstone Cordless Massager utilizes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, using the massager’s full range of functions may put a strain on the battery’s power. If you use the massager often, you may notice the battery draining faster than with mild use.

However, in most cases, this potential drawback still proves a benefit over corded massager models that have no portability. That said, you always have the option to use the AC adapter with the unit instead of relying on the rechargeable battery.

It seems that the power of the unit reduces after a period of time on battery power, so for the most effective massage, you may want to plug it in, anyway- which defeats the purpose of its portability.

At the same time, as with any other battery-powered device, there is the potential for the battery to fail. If that happens, you will need to purchase a replacement battery on your own. Also, replacement chargers may prove challenging to find if you lose yours, meaning the device could become obsolete without a way to recharge it.

User Limitations

Although it’s a common cautionary note for most massage devices, Brookstone explains that people with some pre-existing conditions should not use their cordless massager. People who should avoid using the device or at the very least consult their doctor first include:

  • People with heart conditions or those who have pacemakers
  • Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth
  • People with diabetes
  • People with medical devices implanted in their bodies such as pins, screws, or artificial joints
  • Other people with underlying conditions that put them at risk for blood clots, among other issues

Handle Challenges

For some users, this Shiatsu Massager’s handles may prove too short for comfortable use. For people with larger builds or longer arms, the massager’s handles may be difficult to reach or cause you to hold an uncomfortable position while using the massage functions.

However, overall this is a minor concern since, for most people, the length of the handles is more than adequate.

Strong Massage Function

For most of us, the stronger, the better when it comes to back and shoulder massage. But for some people, particularly those with delicate skin or low pain tolerance, the strength of the Brookstone massager may be too much.

Despite three intensity settings and the option for vibrating versus kneading massage, there is the possibility that you’ll find the massager too intense for your liking. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reduce the massager’s power further, so you’ll want to look for an alternative tool that has a gentler approach.


With a high level of contact adjustability and custom massage options to suit every muscle’s needs, the Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat delivers targeted massage and heat therapy to your problem areas with no need for a wall outlet or an extra set of hands.

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